perfume • pot-pourri & other fragrant compounds


A style based on historic English perfume recipes, sometimes with a contemporary twist:

Comfits - Regency perfumed confection originally to scent a bag. Boxed selection.

Powders - Sachets to place amongst linen, pockets, shoes. Recipes spanning the centuries.

Cushions - Small, silk and perfumed.

Dolls - Based on a 19th C design. Scented.

Pot-pourri - Traditional recipes - dry and moist.

Pomanders - Beads, scented tablets. Aromatic resins, gums and rose petals.

Perfumes - Alcohol and oil based. Colognes – Parfum – Handkerchief scents.

Compounds can be made to clients perfume preference.

Some products to be available in stockists soon.

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